Rock/alt band that does cartoony music videos

Okay so I cannot remember the name of the band or any of their songs to save my life.
First one: it's about a guy and a girl. I think he's at work or something and she is too. He is thinking about her. She is thinking about being pregnant (because of him), and iis getting hit on by her boss or coworker. Flashes over to the night where he's in bed thinking about meeting up with her again for sex. There's flashes of them having sex and he's sitting at the end of his bed thinking hard about meeting her, his wife is sleeping. She's already at this bar where lots of other guys are hitting on her. He decides he wants to go meet her again and grabs his keys and a matchbook with the bars name? He goes to the bar, seeks her out, pulls her outside where they have sex against his car (looks like a 70's black muscle car). When he's done he just kind of leaves her for a second and turns around to light a smoke, then somehow she got his car keys and starts the car and runs him down, killing him, leaving him in a pool of blood.

Second one: in a diner and these guys come in to rob it. This other guy (who I think is the guy from the first video so this might be before it or at the beginning of the first video) doesn't look like he wants any part of it. He goes up to the main bad guy and looks at him like he's gonna beat the shit out of him. Then just throws the money on the counter for his coffee and walks out. Then one of the bad guys goes to the front door and turns the open sign to close.

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