"She brushes her hand across your chest, you move to the rhythm of her breath...

I heard a song on a radio station as I was passing through Fort Payne, AL and I fell in love with it, but I don't know the name of it or who sang it.
I tuned in about the middle of the song and when the song was over a Latin song came on, sang in spanish with an upbeat tempo. The song I am interested in though, was slow and tender and sang in english. I didn't necessarily pick up on any accent of latin vibe whatsoever in the song I'm interested in. The singer was a female. The song was slow and had an acoustic guitar, not much else.
The song was about lovers, a woman and a man. I recall some of the lyrics but can't exactly quote them. Went something like this
… she brushes her hand across your chest. You move to the rhythm of her breath…
Then later in the song …she lays (rests) her arm across your chest. You can hear (or you listen to) the rhythm of her breath…
There's another lyric, perhaps in the chorus that says something like .. her hair falls (hangs) below the window.
Also at the end of the song the lyrics are telling of the man driving home and says something about his hands on the steering wheel and it's raining and something about feeling fine…
Could you please tell me the song and who sang it?

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