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Agony And The Ecstasy, The – 1975

And I Don’t Love You – 1984

Baby, Baby Don't Cry (let him walk on out if he wants to, he really doesn't deserve you) - 1969 - with the Miracles

Baby Come Close – 1973

Baby That's Backatcha (if I make it passible for the impossible to happen for you like you say, baby that's backatcha) - 1965

Being With You (I don't care about anything else but being with you) - 1981

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(Theme From) Big Time, Part I (from the movie Big Time) – 1977

Blame It On Love – 1983 – with High Energy

(Come 'Round Here) I'm The One You Need - 1971 - with the Miracles

Cruisin' (I love it when we're cruisin' together) - 1980


Daylight And Darkness – 1978

Don’t Play Another Love Song – 1983

Double Good Everything – 1991

Easy To Love – 1999

Ebony Eyes – 1983/1984 – with Rick James

Everything You Touch – 1990

Get Ready – 1979

Going To A Go-Go (don't you wanna go?) - 1966 - with the Miracles

Heavy On Pride (Light On Love) – 1980

Hold On To Your Love – 1986


I Am I Am – 1975

I Can’t Find – 1984

I Don't Blame You At All - 1971 - with the Miracles

I Know You By Heart – 1988 – with Dolly Parton

I Like It Like That - 1964 - with the Miracles

I Love Your Face – 1991/1992

I Second That Emotion (if you feel like giving me a lifetime of devotion, I second that emotion) - 1967 - with the Miracles

If You Can Want - 1965 - with the Miracles

I'm The One You Need (Come 'Round Here) - 1971 - with the Miracles

Indestructible – 1988/1989 – with the Four Tops

It’s Her Turn To Live – 1974

(It’s The) Same Old Love – 1990

I’ve Made Love To You A Thousand Times – 1983

Just My Soul Responding – 1974

Just To See Her - 1987

Let Me Be The Clock – 1980

Love Bath – 2009/2010

Love Don’t Give No Reason – 1988

Love I Saw In You Was Just A Mirage, The - 1967 - with the Miracles


Mickey's Monkey - 1963 - with the Miracles

More Love (more love and more joy than age and time could ever destroy) - 1967 - with the Miracles

My Girl Has Gone - 1965 - with the Miracles

Old Fashioned Love – 1982

One Heartbeat - 1987

Ooh Baby Baby (I did you wrong, my heart went out to play) - 1965 - with the Miracles

Open – 1976

Pops We Love You - 1979 – with Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross and Stevie Wonder

Quiet Storm – 1975/1976


Rewind – 1991/1992

(It’s The) Same Old Love – 1990

Shoe Soul – 1978

Shop Around (my mama told me, you better shop around) - 1961 – with the Miracles

Sleepless Nights – 1986

Special Occasion - 1968 - with the Miracles

Sweet Harmony – 1973

Take Me Through The Night – 1990

Tears Of A Clown (there ain't too much sadder than the tears of a clown) - 1970 - with the Miracles

Tell Me Tomorrow – Part I – 1982

Theme From Big Time, Part I (from the movie Big Time) – 1977

There Will Come A Day (I’m Gonna Happen To You) – 1977

Touch The Sky – 1983

Tracks Of My Tears, The (if you look closer, it's easy to trace the tracks of my tears) - 1965 - with the Miracles


Virgin Man – 1974

Vitamin U – 1977

We’ve Saved The Best For Last – 1988/1989 – with Kenny G

What’s Too Much – 1987

Who’s Sad – 1981

Why You Wanna See My Bad Side – 1978

Wine, Women And Song – 1980 – with Claudette Robinson

You Are Forever – 1981

You've Really Got A Hold On Me (I don't like you but I love you, don't want to be thinking of you) - 1963 - with the Miracles

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