Song I rlly NEED to (re)find

I dont remember where I heard it, probably from some tv show or a youtube video. The song itself isnt really a vocal song, its more of a sound, but there is a guy singer and one of the clearer words is definitely something about cigarettes; it's either smoke(ed) cigarettes or cigarette smoke. The whole song seems to revolve around this part, at least for me. (there might be other lyrics this is just the part I remember). I realize it's not a lot to go on but if anyone reading this feels they know what i'm talking about please respond. Thank you!


* (No its not the arctic monkies song)

*guy singer (deep(er) voice)

*easiest word(s) (for me) to make out were "cigarette" for sure and probably "smoked cigarettes" or "cigarette smoke".

*there's background music

*this is more of an indie song, its not rock or pop, probably not something on the radio unless you listen to groovesalad or something.

*the song (esp. the cigarette part) is closer to whispering / talking than singing like in a rock song.

*song has a darker mood.

Thank you!

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