Song Question:
I met this girl and I instantly thought of this song I only heard once

by Mitchell Bourke
(Mackay, QLD, Australia)

As the title says, I started seeing this girl and every time I talk to her, I keep thinking of this song I have only heard once.

It's a rather slow song, very soft and sung by a man.

I saw the music video for it and it's just 1 guy, in an empty room (hotel room/apartment) and playing his acoustic guitar.

The video is given a black and white filter.

I remember his hair seeming a little "emo"ish but not really (it has the shape but it's kinda natural in a way). I also remember his nose being a little oddly shaped as well (not sure if that helps).

His voice sounded very delicate almost and it was very pleasant to listen to.

It seems extremely weird for me to have such a vivid memory of a music video I saw only once, but for some reason this chick makes me think of it.

I saw it 2 years ago and I have only just started thinking about it now. The year on the video would have been no older than 2007 (seen on youtube).

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