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Alfie (piano instrumental) – 1968 – Eivets Rednow (Stevie Wonder)

Another Star - 1977

Black Orchid - 1980

Blowin' In The Wind (the answer my friend is blowin' in the wind, the answer is blowin' in the wind) - 1966

Boogie On Reggae Woman - 1975

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California Roll – 2015 – featured with Snoop Dogg

Castles In The Sand - 1964

Characters - 1987

Dark 'N' Lovely - 1987

Do I Do - 1982

Don't Drive Drunk (featured in the movie The Woman In Red) - 1985

Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing - 1974

Ebony And Ivory (go together in perfect harmony) - 1982 - with Paul McCartney

Fingertips - Pt 2 (clap your hands just a little bit louder) - 1963

For Once In My Life (I have someone who needs me) - 1968

Free - 1989


Get It - 1988 - with Michael Jackson

Go Home - 1986

Happy Birthday (you know it doesn’t make much sense, there ought to be a law against anyone who takes offense at a day in your celebration) - 1981

Heaven Help Us All - 1970

He's Misstra Know It All - 1974

Hey Harmonica Man - 1964

Hey Love - 1967

High Heel Sneakers - 1965

Higher Ground - 1973

I Ain't Gonna Stand For It - 1981

I Don't Know Why - 1969

I Just Called To Say I Love You - 1984/1985

I Was Made To Love Her - 1967

I Wish (those days never had to end, I love them so) - 1977

If You Really Love Me (if you really love me won't you tell me?, then I won't have to be fooling around) - 1971

I'm Wondering - 1967

Isn't She Lovely - 1976

Keep On Running - 1972


Land Of La La - 1986

Lately - 1981

Living For The City - 1974

Love Light In Flight - 1984

Master Blaster (Jammin') - 1980

My Cherie Amour - 1969

My Love - 1988 - with Julio Iglesias

Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer - 1971

Never Had A Dream Come True - 1970

Nothing's Too Good For My Baby - 1966

Outside My Window - 1980

Overjoyed - 1986

Part-Time Lover (knowing it's so wrong, but feeling so right) - 1985

Place In The Sun, A - 1966

Pops We Love You - 1979 - sang with Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross

Ribbon In The Sky – 1982


Send One Your Love (don't hold back your feelings) - 1979

Shoo-Be-Doo-Be-Doo-Da-Day - 1968

Signed, Sealed, Delivered (here I am baby, signed sealed delivered I'm yours) - 1970

Sir Duke (you can feel it all over, you can feel it all over people) - 1977

Skeletons - 1987

Someday At Christmas - 1967

Stranger On The Shore Of Love - 1987

Superstition (when you believe in things that you don't understand then you suffer, superstition ain't the way) - 1973

Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You) - 1972

That Girl - 1982

That's What Friends Are For (keep smiling keep shining knowing you can always count on me for sure) - 1986 - Dionne Warwick & Friends (Elton John, Gladys Knight and Stevie Wonder)

Travlin' Man - 1967

Uptight (Everything's Alright) (baby everything's alright uptight, clean out of sight) - 1966

Used To Be - 1982 - with Charlene


We Can Work It Out (try to see it my way, do I have to keep on talking till I can't go on?n) - 1971

We Didn’t Know - 1990/1991/1992 - with Whitney Houston

What A Wonderful World (cover version) – 2004 – with Rod Stewart

With Each Beat Of My Heart - 1989

Workout Stevie, Workout - 1963

Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday - 1969

You And I (We Can Conquer The World) – 1972

You Are The Sunshine Of My Life (you are the sunshine of my life - that's why I'll always be around) - 1973

You Haven't Done Nothin' (if you really wanna hear our views, you haven't done nothin') - 1974

You Met Your Match - 1968

You Will Know - 1988

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