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All Shook Up (cover version) – 1974 

Can The Can (so make a stand for your man honey try to can the can, put your man in the can honey get him while you can) - 1973 

Daytona Demon (he's my D-D-Daytona demon, my machine) – 1973 

Devil Gate Drive (so come alive come alive down in Devil Gate Drive) - 1974 

Don’t Change My Luck (don't change my luck, I'm so tired of being moved around) – 1978/1979 

48 Crash (you know the 48 crash come like a lightning flash 48 crash 48 crash and the 48 crash is a silk sash bash 48 Crash 48 Crash) - 1973

Heart Of Stone – 1982 

I May Be Too Young (she said I may be too young to fall in love but I'm still hangin' round) – 1975 

If You Can't Give Me Love (if you can't give me love honey that ain'tenough) - 1978 

I’ve Never Been In Love (I've never been in love like this before, oh what did I miss before) – 1979/1980 

Lipstick – 1980/1981 

Mama’s Boy (always everything but manly, mama's boy) – 1979/1980 

Michael (Michael it's final, scratch off my insane gain) – 1975 

Race Is On, The (hand in hand like a couple of fools and the race is on) – 1978/1979 

Rock Hard – 1980 

She's In Love With You (she's in love with you, that's all she wants to do) - 1979 

Stumblin' In (our love is alive and so we begin foolishly laying our hearts on the table and stumblin' in) - 1979 - with Chris Norman

Tear Me Apart – 1976/1977 

Too Big (you know I'm too big to be abused, and honey…I never lose) – 1974 

Wild One, The (well it ain't no use turn me loose, more more I can't keep score) - 1974 

Your Mamma Won’t Like Me (so don't take me home baby na na na na na 'cos your mamma won't like me) – 1975 

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