Sweet hades I've been searching for years. I never remember the band or song but i know the video and the way the words were sung with the music

by Lilli
(Huberheights, ohio)

This was out when I was in my late teens so mid 2000. Around the same time as Taking Back Sunday and Yellow Card were popular. I think that New Found Glory was around then as well. It was showed on a cable station called Fuze. MTV was basically all the real world and other crap like it.

It either starts with the lead singer running/free running from some shadowed "faceless" person or the lead is chasing him I can't remember that bit. BUT I do know the lead singer ends up in this bar with a lamb or sheep on the door. the door is purple. Inside the bar is mostly purple. The patrons are few. spread out. The lead singer sits at the bar and finds that he is in control of the people there that he focuses on. the move when he does like he does.

Through out the song/video he is testing how far he can make these strangers do as he wants. To the point that there is a thing willowy female I think she short sandy brown hair, short, with curls, she is in a spaghetti strap sundress and the lead gets her started undressing. I think the girl is getting upset.

BUT THEN she stop, he is no longer in control of her. He turns. The original shadowed man is there and either makes the lead shoot himself or something like that ends his life or symbolizes said death after the screen goes dark.

I always when I remember it have the lyrics just out of my grasp. Always the video is there running through my mind and the tune and the way the lead singer sang.

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