too numerous to mention but,,,,,,

by charles Rice
(Medfords , Oregon)

My favorites are too numerous to mention but ,,, I think that one thing that would make it a lot easier to find stuff here would be to when you click on "ARTIST A" 1950 ,,,, a detailed list of ALL artists from 1950 "who's name started with "A" would pop up in alphsbetized order and then a sub list of ALL those top ten or more hits by that group in 1950 would also pop up under that group or soloists name . And start at January 1950 and proceed on to todays current date .

One thing that REALLY ticks me off about youtube is that every mothers son just has to post something but they ALWAYS omit includung the song release date , and the record label name.

The second thing that ticks me off about youtube is that every mothers son has to post their copy of a song when those people can clearly see that there is already at least ten postings of a particular song . Now if someone has extended mixes that are't posted ,,, then for Gods's sake then post that puppy !!!

And lastly ,,, I think youtube SHOULD have a music or record section that is reserved ONLY for 78's , 45's & lp's that are colored vinyl ,shaped records, or picture discs ONLY !!! And show ONLY CLEAR piotures of the records and post a written detail about when it was released or when they got it , (date) , where they got it ,store name , town and state, what it cost at THE time it was bought. And any other info that is DIRECTLY connected with that record . NO RUNNING VERBAL AUDIO TRACK !!! . Maybe just some music to break the silence of a dead audio track and the music should come ONLY from the record being shown . And maybe also a notation as to whether that record is or is not for sale and if it is ,,, how much and how to contact the owner of that record directly .
That would help people like myself who ARE looking for colored vinyl and picture discs and shaped records would have a DIRECT on line locating source WITHOUT going to that f***** up disorganized clutterf*** called craigslist or e-bay or some other place .
This is just an idea and suggestion I have that I think SOMEONE should look into creating . Never can tell , it might be just have some REAL killer results and followers !!!
CHEERS !!!!!!

charles Rice

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