Trying to figure out the name of a song my dad used to play around 1995

Okay I'm going to attempt to try and explain this song to the best of my ability it's going to get a bit confusing so bear with me.

I was 5 years old listening to this song with my dad but he doesn't know what I'm talking about he listens to a lot of stuff I asked him already.

It's an upbeat fast (funky jazz?) maybe blues not sure what its considered but i think it's too fast to be blues.

Anyway at the VERY beginning off the song it starts with a lick or riff from a brass instrument with a distinct almost rock and roll feel that screeches followed by a slight pause and then a very catchy I would say funky riff.

A male sings this song thats all I know saying few words in between riffs with a smooth sound.

There is a solo from the brass instruments during the song thats very funky and how i could describe it is it almost feels like the sound of this instrument is coming in and out very quickly ending with the same screeching funk sound in the beginning and following the same funky guitar riffs.

I know this is confusing as all hell but any help would be appreciated I'm assuming the song was made in either late 80's early 90's

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