Trying to remember a song! (I turned to call)

There is a part in the song where a phrase like "I turned to call, but she was gone, I turned to call" is repeated over and over again- I don't think that's the exact phrase because I've been searching it and its variants for a while but I think that is the correct syllable count, and it's something similar. There is also a higher-pitched part of the chorus where the singer sings something similar to "AAAAH-oooo-third syllable." (the first two are only the vowel sounds, I cannot understand what he's singing. There is also a bit in the rest of the song where he's echoed by backup singers who are much higher pitched- he sings a line, and then they repeat it, and then he starts singing it again.

It's a reasonably fast song- the drumbeat is pretty fast and pretty present. There's some violins or some sort of string instrument during the "I turned to call, but she was gone, I turned to call" part- they are played after each comma in the quote, high notes to low notes. Whatever other instruments are played add to the bouncy rhythm of the drumbeats.

The singing is pretty unusual- it almost sounds like it's in a minor key or something different like that at some parts, especially the AAAAH-oooo-third syllable part. The violin instruments, bouncy drumbeat, and higher-pitched, almost breathy backup singers are also unusual. I believe it's from an older time period, but I could be completely wrong on that.

The singer is male, although his voice is a bit unusual.

I heard it in a US CVS pharmacy yesterday.

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