What is the rock song with 'the shadows' as the name of the song?

by James

Hi I have been trying to get the proper name for this song and also the name of the band who played it. I came across it on YouTube I think it was called the shadow either that or the band was called the shadows.( this was quite a new up to date song) the song is quite catchy and I can still remember the rhythm to it which if I was able to hum to you you may know the song straight away.

The music video was a blonde emo guy ( obviously) the lead singer of the band was walking through a post apoctalictic city there is some burning buildings which I think is mentioned in the lyrics but again I am not entiarly sure. The guy goes to a friends house who I packing up his guitar I think.

Then you see the guy walking through the park and being attacked by a gang. He then get to a beach where you see more of his friends rowing in a small rowing boat out to see he swims after them and catches up with them and the song ends with him singing the last line wrapped in a towel which one of the friends give him.

The song it's self is kind of slow and bouncy in fact the only bit that I can remember there being a more up tempo was when the gang attacked him in the park.

Hope you can help me.


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May 14, 2016
The rasmus
by: Anonymous

its by the rasmus and its called " in the shadows"

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