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Adult Books –1981

Around My Heart – 1985

Because I Do (I am the married kind, the kind that said I do forever searching someone new) – 1982

Beyond And Back – 1981

Blue Spark – 1982

Breathless (you leave me so breathless ahh) (cover version) (featured in the 1983 movie Breathless) – 1983

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Burning House Of Love – 1985

Come Back To Me – 1982

Country At War – 1993

Crystal Ship, The (cover version) (featured in the movie The X-Files: Fight The Future) – 1998

Devil Doll – 1983/1988

4th Of July – 1987

Have Nots, The – 1982

Hungry Wolf, The – 1982

I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts (my blood on my hands it’s all my fault, I must not think bad thoughts) – 1983

I’m Coming Over – 1981

In This House That I Call Home – 1981

It’s Who You Know – 1981

Johnny Hit And Run Paulene (she wasn’t what you’d call living really, she was still awake) – 1980

Los Angeles – 1980

Motel Room In My Bed – 1982

Nausea – 1980

New Life – 1993

New World, The – 1983

Once Over Twice, The (I just heard the sad song by another band, sung by another man he gave me the once over twice) – 1981

Real Child Of Hell – 1982

See How We Are – 1987

Shoot Out The Lights – 1994

Soul Kitchen – 1980

True Love – 1983

Under The Big Black Sun (what I did on my vacation for the last ten years) – 1982

Unheard Music, The – 1980

We’re Desperate – 1981

White Girl – 1981

Wild Thing (cover version) (wild thing you make my heart sing, you make everything groovy) – 1984/1989 (featured in the movie Major League)

(The) World’s A Mess; It’s In My Kiss – 1980

Year One – 1981

Your Phone’s Off The Hook, But You’re Not (you don’t have to answer me you don’t have to call me back, your phone’s off the hook but you’re not) – 1980

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