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Boom Boom (cover version) (boom boom boom boom I'm gonna shoot you right down, knock you off of your feet and take you home with me) – 1965/1966

Certain Girl, A (there’s a certain girl I’ve been in love with a long long time) – 1964

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Evil Hearted You (you always try to put me down with the things you do) - 1965

For Your Love (for your love, I'd give you everything and more and that's for sure) - 1965

Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (good morning little schoolgirl, can I go home with you?) – 1964

Goodnight Sweet Josephine (goodnight sweet Josephine, we love you) – 1968

Got To Hurry (instrumental) – 1965

Ha Ha Said The Clown (ha ha said the clown, has the king lost his crown?) – 1967

Happenings Ten Years Time Ago (happenings ten years time ago, situations we really know) – 1966

Heart Full Of Soul (and I know - well if she had me back again, I would never make her sad) - 1965

I Ain’t Got You (I got women all around me but I ain’t got you) - 1965

I Wish You Would (come back baby I wish you would try and love me, you won’t do no good) – 1964

I’m A Man (now I’m a man, I spell M A N, man) – 1964/1965


Jeff’s Boogie (instrumental) – 1966

Little Games (little games are for little boys, I'm growing up and changing all my toys) – 1967

(Mr.) You’re A Better Man Than I (can you judge a man by the way he wears his hair; then Mr. you’re a better man than I) – 1965

My Girl Sloopy (hang on Sloopy, Sloopy hang on) – 1965

Over Under Sideways Down (hey over under sideways down, hey backwards forwards square and ‘round) - 1966

Questa Volta (pero questa volta non sara piu cosi, piu cosi) – 1966

Shapes Of Things (come tomorrow - will I be older?, come tomorrow - may be a soldier) - 1966

Smokestack Lightning (yeah smokestack lightning, don’t you hear me callin’) – 1964

Steeled Blues (instrumental) – 1965

Still I'm Sad (see the stars come falling down from the sky) – 1965

Ten Little Indians (one stood looking at another man’s wife, then there were nine) – 1967

Train Kept A-Rollin' (with a heave and a ho, I just couldn’t let her go) (cover version) - 1965

(Mr.) You’re A Better Man Than I (can you judge a man by the way he wears his hair; then Mr. you’re a better man than I) – 1965

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Boom Boom For Your Love Good Morning Little Schoolgirl Heart Full Of Soul I'm A Man Shapes Of Things

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