ZZ Top Songs

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Arrested While Driving Blind - 1977 

Bang Bang - 1997 

Breakaway - 1994 

Cheap Sunglasses (she had a west coast strut that was sweet as molasses, now what really knocked me out was the cheap sunglasses) - 1980

Concrete And Steel - 1990 

Decision Or Collision - 1991 

Delirious - 1985/1986

Doubleback (featured in the movie Back To The Future Part III) - 1990 

Enjoy And Get It On - 1977

Fearless Boogie - 1999 

Francine - 1972 

Fuzzbox Voodoo - 1994

Gimme All Your Lovin' (gimme all your lovin' all your hugs and kisses too) - 1983/1984

Girl In A T-Shirt - 1994 

Give It Up - 1990/1991

Got Me Under Pressure - 1983 

Gun Love - 1992 

Heard It On The X - 1975

I Thank You (you didn't have to love me like you did - but you did - but you did, and I thank you) - 1979 

I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide - 1979 - ZZ Top

It's Only Love - 1976 

La Grange - 1974 

Legs (she's got legs, she knows how to use them) - 1983/1984 

Leila - 1981 


My Head's In Mississippi - 1991

Pearl Necklace - 1981

Pincushion - 1994 

Rhythmeen - 1996/1997 

Rough Boy - 1985/1986 

Salt Lick - 1969

(Somebody Else Been) Shakin' Your Tree - 1970 

Sharp Dressed Man - 1983 

She's Just Killing Me - 1996 

Sleeping Bag (slip inside my sleeping bag) - 1985 

(Somebody Else Been) Shakin' Your Tree - 1970

Stages - 1985/1986 

36-22-36 - 2000 

Tube Snake Boogie (I got a girl she lives on the hill, she won't do it but her sister will) - 1981

Tush (I ain't asking for much, I said lord take me downtown I'm just looking for some tush) - 1975

TV Dinners - 1983/1984

Velcro Fly - 1985/1986 

Viva Las Vegas - 1992 

What's Up With That - 1996 

Woke Up With Wood - 1985/1986 

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