10 Popular Songs About Dogs That Will Make You Cry

Statistics show that there is an ever-growing percentage of US families that own a pet, with 50% of these pets being dogs.

Turns out that dogs are man’s best friends and so is mine. The champ qualifies the title because he will never judge whether or not I take plain ice-cream in the place of a decent meal or even in the event that I spend the day in my pajamas.

Given the close connection between human beings and pet dogs, there are a variety of songs about dogs. Have a look at the ten most popular songs that concern dogs that are likely to make you shed a tear.

1. Elvis Presley – ‘Hound Dog’

I take it that no living soul yet comes across this song. It’s as old as 1969 but still a personal favorite. The song admonishes a pet dog that the owner had seemingly overrated.

Unlike the songwriter, I make sure my dog knows that I adore him, although I doubt he can kill even a baby rabbit.

2. Baha Men – ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’

If the Baha Men’s 2000s hit was not played at any wedding, I would actually conclude that no such ceremony took place.

3. The Beatles – ‘Martha My Dear’

One could be forgiven for thinking that Martha was the songwriter’s romantic lover. However, he is the Beatle’s sheepdog. For me, this piece stands out as the most properly composed song concerning a dog.

4. Neil Young – ‘Old King’

The theme of this song is the love we all feel for our pet dogs.

Perhaps it explains the treats that we give to our dogs occasionally. These treats involve making our pets feel as comfy as possible.

5. Harry Nilsson -‘The Puppy Song’

Among all Nelson’s whimsical songs, this is the one I relate to most. The songwriter says that having a dog is the key to happiness and I couldn’t agree more!

6. Jane Siberry – ‘Everything Reminds Me of My Dog’

This one is just a sweet love song that the writer dedicates to her pet dog. I consider it among the best songs to dedicate to your dog.

7. Pink Martini – ‘Lilly’

This is one of those songs about losing a pet. Songs about dogs dying can be pretty sad and this tribute to a dog by this group was not any different.

8. Dolly Parton – ‘Cracker Jack’

It’s also a song about losing a dog. Dolly Parton’s song is a tribute to his playmate and companion.

9. Dolly Parton – ‘Gypsy, Joe and Me’

There is nothing sadder than the events described in this song. A woman loses both her man and her dog!

10. Carrie Underwood – ‘The More Boys I Meet’

Sometimes one has to break from relationships with men and relate only with their only true love-their dog.

This is true for me — at least as far as Carrie Underwood’s convincing goes.

Songs about Dogs Don’t Lie

Feeling lonely or cold? A pet dog is probably what you need. Their company and loyalty are unbeatable as revealed by songs about dogs.

The furry, four-legged pals have never required much from me. They only need proper shelter, little bitings, and a walk every now and then. I totally don’t mind offering any of these considering the protection and warmth my pet dog affords me.

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