10 years old or younger - Music video

by Denise
(Auburn, Maine, USA)

I'm looking for a music video. Can't remember the title or artist - just the general feel.

While it's not a sad song -
it is somber and has an earnestly slower tempo - the video has an overall dark LOOK to it due to being filmed in the woods.

There is a man walking in the woods and I think at some point he does play piano which is there in the woods. He has a slight accent - possibly Brittish. He is wearing neat looking clothing but not terribly formal.

The video is in color - but as I said - on the dark side. No traditional animation, but there is a very plain looking stuffed toy/doll made of lighter material without many markings that is featured throughout the video and at times there is some animated effects with the toy responding to the song/singer.

I'm certain I viewed it on YouTube in the US - though I can't locate it in my history. That's all I've got! Ring a bell with anyone?

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