10+ years searching for this music video!

by S.Strange

Hello guys and girls. I am trying one last time to find a music video that I saw what must be a decade ago now. I would love if somebody could help me and finally put a end to this nagging imagery i have in my head.

The video starts i believe with a girl leaving a bar and at the door there is a bouncer/ security personel who she acknowledges maybe even says good night, i aint sure. she then proceeds to walk away from the club and in doing so just heads down the middle of the road while i believe lights and cars/people maybe pass her by. for some reason i always feel like anastacia was the artist but i have never found a single video of hers that matches perfectly but she is the artist i would say resembles the one i am thinking of most.

Thanks if you are trying to help or even reading this. many thanks.

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