2010s Music Video - Woman replaces ex with a mannequin

by Ally
(New Zealand)

Its a music video that was playing daily for a while on NZ TV sometime after July 2013, although that doesn't mean the song isn't any older than that (is just when I started being home!).

It's sung by a guy (I *think* it was a duo), possibly with NZ and/or British connection.

The music video has a couple who breaks up and it follows the woman after the guy leaves. She's heartbroken and wants to get back with him until one day she gets a mannequin and dresses him as the ex.

She cuddles up to it and whatnot and at one point drives out into the countryside with it in her car and they go camping. During the night she falls asleep and is horrified in the morning to find the mannequin has fallen in the campfire and burnt its face.

At some point she runs into the ex in a cafe(?) and finds she's not wanting to get back with him after all.

The song's lyrics do not narrate the video.

I do recall looking it up once and not being able to find the video based on the description but did recall some lyrics and found it that way... but I have since lost the song name and can't recall any of the lyrics any more or even the tune!

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