2012s Summer Hit music video by a Male Solo Artist

by Jake K.
(Chicago, Illinois)

Pretty sure the song was made around 2012.

I am remembering a music video I saw in August 2015. In it a young man drives up to a bar with an open mic night. A performer leaves the stage with barely any audience reaction. The young man then enters the stage, pulls his guitar over his stomach and begins to sing the song. I do not remember many of the lyrics but he does sing in a rather unique voice. It is fairly high pitched for a male’s voice, and sung almost like he is talking the lyrics. As for the lyrics it is a slow dance song, indie genre. It includes love and closeness themes.
Back to the video; as the young man is singing the song, some people playing pool perk their ears and stop playing pool. At the same time a small clip of a couple having a fight in the bar is shown. The woman is sad and alone at a table. The song continues on. Eventually the woman is reunited with her partner and they go dance in front of the young man singing. This is fairly uncommon for them because they are both dressed in pretty standard 4th of July in the middle of Missouri clothing (tight and unflattering). As the young man finishes the song I am not sure if he is crying as well but the bar as a whole is not only saddened but also aware of each other. Before the patrons were doing their own thing, but now they are all seeing each other in a new light. The young man then exits the stage and the video ends.
Stats on this video, when I last saw it there were about 5 million views. I originally found it in a summer hits playlist on youtube’s main page and I specifically remember it being played fairly close after the song “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

Ah other random details: The young man is wearing a black leather jacket, white undershirt, and blue jeans. Pretty standard dress I know, sorry. As far as facial features I do not remember many.

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