2013-2015 music video (retro 1950’s themed)

by Tom

In this music video it starts off with a blond 1950’s looking housewife setting up food for a small party.

The friends then knock on the door and our main protagonist opens the door, there are 5 similar looking housewife women standing there holding their BYO (bring your own) food. They are then welcomed in and during the chorus they chat and party, after that during the versus it’s mixed with partying and then stripping them self’s of their clothes down to their bras and trying on different outfits (presumably of the husband).

Then in the moment before the chorus, one of the girls with glasses is seen crying and holding a picture of a man in a military outfit (persumably her husband) and the other girls comforting her.

At one point in the video ( i don’t know where) the girls sit and watch a tv show that they are very excited for. A man in a Suit appears on the screen (I’m almost certain that this man is the person who made the song) and he says something and then they continue to party.

They then move to the pool where they strip down to their bras and party once more. As the song ends all the friends leave and the main protagonist is standing there smiling and the house is in a mess.

This song has a similar feel to songs like,
Kanye, by the chainsmokers
Be together, by major lazor

The song was made by a DJ who may or may not be European. The song features a female singing voice.

In the lyric video for this song, it’s very major lazor esque. There is a lyric about gravitation and being together where in the lyric video there is an astronaut holding two planets.

This Is all I remember, please please please help me find this!

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