2014 or 15 Song from Girl to boy at a party??

by Dee
(Californ )

This song sounds like it may be a group of girls, but quite possibly not. The voice is similar to Ariana Grande but I don’t think it is her song. Pop R & B Voice The song is mid tempo and features strong backup at the chorus so maybe group but maybe not.

Generally, the girl is singing to an ex boyfriend when she runs into him at a gathering. The song basically states that she knows him, and won’t tell his secrets, but she doesn’t want to get back together. Words like ‘I got you,” “I know you …” “The next time I see you I will ….”

She sings to him from like from across the room as she is watching him with friends and another girl. She is reminiscent, a little hurt, but glad she knows what he is really like.

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