3 80s songs i cant identify

by joel

1 (It’s alright (it’s all right)?) {rock-pop male vocalist }
shine like stars We move without a sound skin on skin you’re all I’ve been waiting for where were you she said(says?) it’s all right
my clip is here: https://clyp.it/cknoqbe4

3 (where were you ?) {rock-pop, male vocalist} I tried to love you but you pushed me away and now you're back again, well don’t think I’ve spent my time just waiting dont think my heart's just been here breaking where were you when I needed love where were you all those lonely, lonely nights where were you did you think that i'd just take you back again when you walked out that door now, you can't just walk back in I might miss your touch now baby, but it don't mean that much now baby gave my heart it was not enough gave my soul it was not enough I still remember baby
-not main ingredient, not grass roots, not default
my clip is here:https://clyp.it/imvpa5tp

4 (Witch hunt?) {rock, harder, male vocalist} ew yeah. listen. five hundred years and a million tears it was a long way to the top yeah ..to the moon you got what you want life was free and easy (chorus) are you one of the chosen few I'm not they’re calling for a witch hunt they’re calling for your life they’re calling for a witch hunt they're knockin' at your door and you’re one of the chosen few
my clip is here: https://clyp.it/4p3deowy

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Jul 29, 2017
80's Where Were You
by: Anonymous

Middle song is Little America - Where Were You!
Awesome Song!

Jul 05, 2017
last song
by: Anonymous

the last song asked about is from KROKUS, round 13 titled witch hunt

Jul 01, 2017
answer to #3 (the second one)
by: Anonymous

Theres another site with alot more activity on songs that need identified, and I just found got the answer to #3 Where were you - little america

May 30, 2017
Great Songs!
by: Anonymous

Damn! Those are great songs - I want the answers now!

Oct 26, 2016
Hello. i am qqrrwwtt
by: Anonymous

Hello. i am qqrrwwtt. i dont know what these songs are, but i cant find any posts either, so i'm using this to try to find posts.

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