80s / 90s Rap / RnB song set in Jungle Temple

by Bob


The song I’m looking for is an RnB / Hip Hop song, I think from the early 90s but I could easily be out by 5-10 years.

There was a soulful black female vocalist in the video, and I can’t remember if she was a featured artist or part of the group. The hook she was singing was big and classic – think fugees ‘ready or not’ style. However it’s not a Fugees song I’m thinking of! Then I think the verses were male rappers (not 100% on this – it could have been more singing).

I remember the video being set in a jungle temple (Aztec/Inca style)(quite a cheesy set-up but it worked). I think the artist(s) were wearing black.

That’s all I got!



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