80’S disco song with a female voice and a robot


i’m looking for days for a late 70’s debut 80’s disco hit song with a female voice and a robot voice on it

i’cant remember any lyrics except that the robot repeats always the same words that finishing by “baby”, then the female sings with a beautiful voice

i have tried to sing it for you (don’t laugh) 😀


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What are some of the song lyrics, if any?
…… …… …… ……. ……. baby

Is the song fast, slow or mid-tempo?
disco so like 110bpm , fast

What is the genre, i.e. pop, rock, punk, hip-hop, reggae, country, rap, disco, soul, r & b, dance, techno, new wave?
disco baby

Was it used in a movie or a tv show?

Does it have heavy drums, guitars, piano or any other instrument?
bass , drums, synths…

Does it have any unusual sounds? If so, in what part of the song do you hear these sounds?
the robot voice

Is the song sung by a male or female? Or is it an instrumental?
a female + the robot/alien voice

Does the singer’s voice remind you of another singer?
no, she have a very particular voice

Does the song remind you of another song?
yes a little bit of that one, the chorus female voice that sing “i’m in love, i’m in looooove” :

Where did you hear the song?
when i was a kid in my parents disco party, and later in the 80’s, this song is very famous

What country was it played in?
everywhere i think , but its a US production i think

When did you hear it?
late 70’s/1980’s

Any other helpful information. Just about any details you provide could help.
If you are looking for help with something music-related that isn’t a song, state exactly what you are looking for.

i remember that song have a big disco bass line

thanks for helping, i need to sleep!

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