80s (?) INXS Sounding Song With Female “Doo doo”x2

Song on kind of an 80s/90s/rock and pop station, either 93.1 JACK FM, K-Earth 101.1, or KOST 103.5 in Southern California.

I thought it was INXS at first but can’t find any song that matches. It’s sexy feeling mid-tempo pop rock with a male singer. There is a backup female duo that says doo doo twice I think after the chorus or in between the male singer’s parts. The closest song with the same feel I found is Original Sin and The One Thing, both by INXS.

Tempo of mystery song more leisurely but has that same rock sound and kind of sexy vibe. I think the lyrics were kind of addressing a woman and I think a female name like Janine, Janet, or Jen is mentioned.

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