80s or 90s R&B song (mostly instruments)

by LCL

I heard a beat today that reminded me of a song. Searched and searched. Can't think of title or artist. It was maybe electronic or like a drum box beat. Would start off with low beats "dun dun dun dun" then slightly higher "dun dun dun dun" then go slight higher "dun dun dun dun". Like in waves. Kept repeating. Then at the end it would be a big melody "dooon dooon dooon dooon" and I think they sang something. I'm thinking "don't wait for ?" Or "don't rush for ?" I could totally have the lyrics part wrong. But I'm hearing like just 4 words at the very end sung in unison with the beat. Several times. A heavy, kinda soulful beat. Any thoughts???

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