90-2000 song animated video – It’s not me it’s you lyrics British accent singer

Looking for a song I suddenly remembered, most likely late 90s- early 2000s (most likely 90s though).

I remember the band had their music videos animated as cartoon characters (the lead sniffer cartoon character was a short guy with black hair )
The song had “it’s not me it’s you” repeated as part of the lyrics at some point also said something about “soho” – struggling to remember more than this
(The animated music video featured a girl and the song had a woman’s voice in it a little bit although the singer and band were men)
The band was British I think as the singer had a noticeable accent when he sang, and like I said all their videos were animated I believe.

Not sure how popular the band was but I can clearly remember the beat and that one part of the lyrics and the style of music video.

I’m looking for the band name mostly and song title too if possible, it’s killing me on the top of my tongue!

Please help if you know!

Things that may be true or may not be and may just be my mind playing tricks on me :

-The bands name may have had a number in it
-It may have had a name that is a reference to a drug? I don’t even know why that’s coming to mind but my brains telling me the name of the band is Valium or something but google wasn’t returning any answers

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