90's - 2000's song struggle need professional help

by James

Ive always had this song in the back of my head. I can sing it in my mind with the beat and everything but cannot make out the lyrics. i was really young back then when I first heard it at my cousins house. I believe it was on mtv. back in 2009 roughly. Then i heard it again but only this time i saw the music video to it and still couldn't make out the artist or name of the song because it didnt say after the song finished on mtv again. This was probably in 2013.

It was a lady singer the song was probably produced between 2000 - 2005 or 06 not too sure. But i know for a fact it wasn't current.

So from what i can remember the music video had 2 or 3 girls in a possibly red retro convertible car with the roof down with the lead female singer sitting on top of the seat or standing. She believed to be blonde headed. the scenery looked quite old fashioned almost as if it was based around the 90's, i think it was either sunrise or sunset or possibly just a really sunny scenery.

the chorus was the most catchiest bit which will always stick in my head. This is all the details i can possibly make out. Side note I believe its pop genre.

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