90's or early 00's mtv video girl/guy killed in a bathtub or something

Okay people, this may be the biggest challenge posted here. Not only because I don't have many details about it, but the band/group must be kind of obscure as I never crossed with this music video again. Here's the clues:

- I've seen this music video on MTV in the late 90's or early 00's (something between 97 and 05)

- It's definitely something from the 90's or early 00's as the quality and style of the music video shows that. Could be something ranging from 1990 to 2006.

- This video presented a plot.

- Now, I might be mistaken as I watched this thing many years ago and my mind is failing me, but this plot is something about stalking or some story about girl feels sorry about geek guy or the opposite. There was this disturbing feel about the plot. Maybe it happened in a school or college, I'm not sure.

- Yes, as I remember there was a girl and a guy featuring. I think one of them wears glasses, probably the girl. I think the guy was skinny. I can't remember if their relation was about love or stalking or pity. I think the girl was white and blonde.

- Now, this is the most important information about it, even though I'm not certain. The music video ends with one of the characters in a bathtub, while the other seems to be hammerin or striking the bottom part with something. I think it's the woman who is crying and striking something while the guy is dead or knocked in the bathtub. I assume there was blood in the tub. Also, this scene is painted red or black and white with a video technique. I remember this scene in slow-motion.

- Unfortunately, I don't remember any lyrics or even the genre of the song, but I have this feeling it must be electronic like aphex twin, fatboy slim, chemical brothers, prodigy etc. Don't stick to this anyway, it may be my imagination playing tricks as the bands mentioned also had weird/disturbing videos. It might be an obscure group.

That's all the details I remember. It's not much but this happened a long time ago and my mind is forgetting it. I've all over the internet an yet no clue about it. It's hell!

Let's see if we find this one. Help me out!

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