90’s song, clip = 2 guys with bottle of alcohol walking at night

by James Gordon

Does anybody know the song with the clip where 2 guys are walking on the street at night, one having a puffy (white?) vest on if I remember correctly, and they’re drinking from a glass bottle (supposedly whiskey or something) that’s covered with a brown paper bag.

They try to get into places (bars, clubs,…) with no succes, being thrown out or refused at the entrance. At the end of the clip they manage to sneak into a stripjoint and sit into one of the booths where they are being surrounded with lots of girls. There’s no actual stripping happening, it’s basically pole-dancing.

If I remember correctly one was a black dude and the other one white, with the white one having the puffy vest on.

There’s also a scene where they are sitting on the curb, drinking. I think it’s the opening scene.

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