A ballad or love song since 2000 till now? High male voice. Been looking for months now. Please help!

by Justina
(Kaunas, Lithuania)

Okey, so I'm looking for a song. Heard it few months ago, but it wasn't on the radio, it was in playlist of someone's.

1. I guess it's a song from 2010 or later, but it may be from 2000 too. It sounds like a pop or country song, but it's either a ballad or a love song. It might as well be about God.
2. Male singer sings this song and his voice is smooth and high, something like Frank Ocean or The Weeknd, but I doubt any of them sings it.
3. I guess it's not a very new song, because it doesn't have that electronic beat heard in most of the recent songs.
4. The chorus is louder and has more feelings in it than verses do.
5. The most important part is the lyrics. But I didn't catch a lot of them. I think the chorus ends with a word "mesmerise" or "mesmerized'
6. The bridge is a bit rock or country styled. It has the same three words repeated. I think they are "Take me out, take me out, take me out". But it might be "Take me home" or "take me off" or "Take me now". This phrase is repeated 4 or 8 times and leads to one more chorus.

I would be sooo grateful if anyone knows what it is!! Please, help!!!

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