A calypso song about a women’s man

by Malcolm Shakel
(Vncent.St ,Vale Arnoes)

One time while i was on a car drve with my family i heard a calypso song on the radio.

I love that song and want to find it. From what i remember its sung by a female vocalist but there was also a chore of other female. I couldnt tell if the genra was calypso, soca, reggae or dancehall though.

As for the lyrics and meaning i forgot the exact lyrics but its basically about a woman who has a man who the other women/people say he isnt good for her, but she doesnt care cause she loves him.

They only lyrics i know are “i dont care if he cheats/ hes my man”. I dont even know what year it came out but i fell it was new to me.

Do you know the name of the song and artist?

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