A duet from around 2008-2010 with a sweet high pitched female & a male who’s rapping with a piano playing?

by Tazzy
(Tasmania, Australia)

I heard this song on the radio around 2008-2010 I think it was but I missed the title of the song & who the artists were.

There is a lady singing with a really sweet high pitched voice & a male rapper is like answering her, they’re taking it in turns singing. She sings mostly the versus & he raps some of the chorus & I think one verse.

It’s a slower type of song with a piano accompanying the singer/rapper? I think there were lyrics about walking along skyscrapers or skyscrapers in the distance. It’s almost a love song that could be a break up song. I remember it was a longer song about 7 minutes long.

I’ll know it when I hear it, I just haven’t heard it since that time years ago on the radio. Hopefully someone knows the song I’m trying to find.

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