A European music video from 1998 – bed

by Vladimir

It is most definitely a European music video, most likely German. It was broadcast in 1998 (1997 is also possible, but a lot less likely) on Viva and some other German music TVs.

The singer is a white, European-looking female with long red or ginger hair. Not sure, but I think her eyes were green. They could also be blue, though.

I remember her lying/sleeping on a bed, kind of like an old hospital bed, somewhere outdoors with some trees in the background, probably some forest, that’s about the most of what she does in the video. She wears a tiny white sleepwear skirt.

The song isn’t a happy-sounding one, but it has some kind of dance rhythm, similar to that of the song “Children” by Robert Miles. I also remember the melody very well, I’ll try to record it some way. I only spoke a little English back then and no familiar word comes to mind now, so it’s very likely that the lyrics are either in German or in English with German accent.

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