A Folk Song Heard In The Early 70’s

As far as I can remember it was called ‘Little Tin Soldiers’ (it’s not the Donovan one). It was on the radio one evening, not sure which station, it could of been radio 1 (UK). I’ve gone through the John Peel sessions, but no luck. Googled the lyrics, put them in this website, have looked through the Child ballads and some of the Roud ballads. My dad recorded it from the radio programme and the presenter called it ‘Little Tin Soldiers. It’s the only time I’ve ever heard it. These are the lyrics …

Little tin soldiers,
All in a row,
Children play,
And children know,
If you shoot (or knock) them down,
They’ll stand again,
But it’s not,
That way with men,

Further on I can vaguely remember something like …

At the dawn of a ??? day,
The little tin soldiers,
Are put away,
For a man must go’
And he must fight,
For what is ????
And what his country says is right.

Reasonably slow, folk style. Male voice. I think I remember just his voice. There maybe a guitar though and I just didn’t notice it.

Many Thanks


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