A Hebrew song of a guy going to a bar and play his guitar and sings to a waitress.

Heard it in a show called “The Beat”. It was on JLTV. The show normally plays music videos but I can across one that stuck out to me.

Started with a guy walking down some stairs and into the place that looked like a bar with a stag for open mic night. The guy sits on a stool on stage and tunes his guitar. After that he goes straight into the song and begins to perform. Many girls are watching him perform but he has his eyes fixed on a waitress that could also be a busser.

Fast forward later and the girl slips and drops the tray/bucket full of dishes. With the other girls laughing at her she runs to the kitchen. The guy sees this happening as the music continues. He chases after her in the kitchen and sings to her. She turns around to see that the guy is singing to her. He then let’s her hair down as the music builds they both exit out the kitchen holding hands and they both walk out the place together.

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