A Kpop Song/Music Video I Can’t Identify

by Jazz

I was at Iron Age, a Korean BBQ buffet where they play kpop music videos for you to enjoy along with your food.

One of the videos had a song I really liked, but I can’t find it again.
The kpop song was sung by a male, possibly a whole boy band, and in many scenes of the music video various objects were elongating. Like, they showed a picture of a cat, and then its body stretched out, and they showed a car whose body did the same.

I also remember one of the singers sitting on an absurdly tall stool, and he was holding a pen (or at least what looked like a pen) that began to elongate.

I’m not sure but I THINK one lyric may have been “thinking about you”, but I doubt that was it, because I’ve searched that and it didn’t get me what I was looking for.

That’s all I can recall described in the best way I know how. I would greatly appreciate if anyone could tell me the name of this song/music video.

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