A music video that appeared on youtube cant remember the artist, song, lyrics or product, its driving me NUTS!

by crazymaniac

I saw this commercial on youtube it was advertising beer or some sort of alcholic drink, just from last year (2014, possibly 2013) it used to play all the time.

It was a full on music video and I remember being surprised at how big budget it looked, it started at a party where everything was white, all the people looked like they were painted white with CG effects, the lead singer of the band however was not white, he was chasing a girl who was painted white, I forget what happened in the middle but then it all ended with a big outdoor party on top of a mountain and as it zoomed out it relieved a large ram or goat head that was carved onto the face of the mountain, im not big on new main stream music but im pretty sure it was a pretty big song at the time and like I said the music video seemed big budget, it doesnt seem to matter what I search I can not find even a screen shot of this video, i really liked the song at the time and its driving me crazy that i cant remember a single line from it ( I can almost hear it playing in the back of my head) please help me !

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