a music video with a girl and a dog

I remember seeing this specific music video back in early 2000’s and it always stuck with me but I can’t find it anywhere.

Basically from what I remember, the video featured a girl running through a wheat field while the sky is dark and full of grey clouds. I know that throughout the first part of the video the shots were switching between the girl and this dog that was supposedly chasing her. Later on in the video she finds this abandoned house and goes inside to hide. The dog comes to the house too, but then it turns out the dog was huge, mostly the same size as the house itself. I recall a shot of the dog’s nose peeking inside the window of the house or something like that. The end of the video had the dog suddenly shrink in size and the girl puts the dog inside a box of matches.

This is the only stuff I can recall regarding the video, as I don’t remember what the music was nor any of the lyrics (to be honest, I don’t even know if this was just something I imagined)

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