A newer song/video that ends with an unexpected lesbian kiss

A few months ago I came across a music video that I can no longer find. I’m pretty sure I saved it in my favorites folder and/or watch later folder but it is nowhere to be found and I think it must have been deleted. It was not low budget or anything. It was very simple but legit.

The entire thing is set on the beach. I believe the lighting is kind of gloomy. It was all like first person point of view I believe and then towards the very end of the song it turns out that the 1st person point of view was behind a camera they come from behind the camera and suddenly a woman walks up and kissed the other in an incredibly climactic, passionate way. It so intense and beautiful and goes with the song so well.

I think the one woman was maybe a light skinned black girl and the other white. And I think one of the two might have had a more “lesbian” or “stud” look to her. I wanna say she was a short haired blonde white woman. That’s all I got. It was simple. But so beautiful in its simplistic passion.

Thank you soooo much of anyone who knows who the song was by or what it was called!!!!

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