A R&B Duet from the 80’s maybe the 90’s. This Video Aired Mostly on BET’s Video Soul

by Tifanity

A lady and man are outside in the night singing.

One particular scene I remember about the video is the lady is standing in the street singing, a black woman with long brown or black natural hair, the sides of her hairdo is pinned up, kind of like a mohawk. She is slightly dancing in the street by the curb waving the black petticoat she is wearing as a skirt. The petticoat is long, black and the bottom panel is 80’s pink or orange in color.

The man is standing on the sidewalk by the same curb as the women. He is a black man with a medium low hair cut. This video only came on BET’s Video Soul. I think the couple was a one hit wonder but the song was great, unfortunately, I don’t remember any of the lyrics.

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