A really weird mv with a boy dressed like a girl, a girl electrocuting and other stuff.

by Zoe

When I was little (about 7, 8 years old) I used to watch MTV a lot, it was the time when Mtv was only a music channel. I remember I ALWAYS saw a weird video that I’ll describe to you right now.

Okay, so, I think the song was retro/new wave or something like that. The video might be from the 80’s/90’s and (I THINK) it was a group. I remember one of the boys being blonde and had a high pitched voice.

In one part of the video, this guy was dressed as a girl with a blonde long wig and a dress, he was like walking in the street and then he turns around like dramatically and screams because he sees a car but when the car comes closer it was a REALLY BIG CAR and he survived because he was like an ant.

I remember other part of the video, but this time there was a girl that looked almost like a mannequin (or maybe it was one) with dark brown hair and really pale. She was inside of some kind of bathtub but a rounded bathtub, she had wires in her body so she suddenly started electrocuting.

I really don’t remember the lyrics but I remember that one part of the song ended with a “you, hoo, hoooooo~” or “woo, hoo, hoo”. The song was mid-tempo I believe. The video was in color. It wasn’t animated.

I’m from Argentina but the video was from the United States or another place where they speak English.
That’s all I remember. I hope any of you can help me. ♥

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