A single of a female group in 1996/97 – club

by Alfonso
(Belluno, Italy)

I’m looking for a song for years now.

I remember very few things about it. Especially I remember about the video clip: the girlband counted 3 girls. One of them has long curly red hair, one of them was blonde I think and the last one has black hair.
They video clip it was filmed into a club where they danced and most of the video was in the toilet, where you see them open and close the toilet doors while they pose inside them.
It was a traditional pop song, with a regular rithym – I remember it was sonds like a Britney Spears’ song.
I saw very often the video clip on the italian tv into a show called “The Box” that was a tv show like mtv, where there was only video clip though.
It was 1996/1997.

Thank you so much for helping me

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