A song i heard at work - singing in a garage

I have a song that i want to find but i cannot figure out the name to it.

The song has two guys (one slim and clean cut and the other kinda stocky with a full beard) singing in a garage. They got microwaves and lights flashing in the space behind them kinda like a concert. Eventually the video cuts to them on a stage wearing tuxes and singing to a crowd. They only other person i can identify is a guy who looks asian and okays a few trumpet parts.

I think the melody goes "dont hold back, thats my stereo" but i know im wrong.

The setting of the video looked like it was around when PCs first cane out as there were old looking computers and the theme was kinda 8-bitish.

Thats all i can provide, i hear this song play at carowinds a lot but i never am able to see a caption on the name. Thanks in advance

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