Alternative music video I saw back on MTV alternative nation or 120 minutes

Alright I will try to be as descriptive as possible because this music video and the song still haunts me to this day because I can’t place it

– saw this on MTV alternative nation or either 120 minutes back in mid to late 90’s

– this band was 4 males and the song was very dreary

– the entire music video I remember had water and the band was sitting in a car when it was flooding with water….just sitting there all calm while car was flooding with water

– there were also scenes of a wasp or yellow jacket in slow motion being hit by water coming from overhead

– the song was very dreary and I do remember these lyrics: ‘is it cold where you are too?’ or something very similar to that

– the whole video was in either mono or gray or black and white type of color

If anyone can finally help me solve this puzzle I would be indebted….it has always stuck in my head and never can find the answer no matter how much I search and try to find

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