Alternative/EDM song with Black Male Singer. Song title had no vowels i.e. “Cty Kdz” (not title)

by BBBBBrBreez

Video starts with black male singer to electronic or alternative music. He has dreadlocks and a leather jacket walking down a city street at night.

Flags down a Toyota Prius Taxi Cab. Rides to his destination and the ditches the cab, without paying.

Runs into a group of friends who skip through the Metro Subway turnstiles and eventually meet up at a party in someone’s city apartment. The crowd is characterized by hipsters and fashionable lesbians passing around bottles of liquor. Drinking commences and eventually leads to a party in a high class city bar/club location.

Video concluded with said hipsters and fashionable lesbians posing on a balcony with a beautiful city backdrop. Song title didn’t have vowels in it, like (CTY KDZ) or something. Song from 2010-2015 era…

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