An Electronic Song on Loop : Music video is you driving through the highway at night….also on like a neverending road. Probably an hour long video as it was a looped song.

by Lakshmi Kumar
(Sedona, Arizona, USA)

In 2015 my friend showed me this music video that was at least 50 min long but possibly 2 or 3 hrs of a chillwave(?) electronic song on repeat, the background to which was a straight highway that moved on a loop so staring at it you felt like you were in a car…it was a peaceful feeling because i love being in a car at night. You could see the sky. I think it was dark purple/blue but i’m not sure, it couldve been starry or trippy colours, or just a simple purple, and there were some flashing lights i think, from the cars that passed by (but im not sure about that part, it might have been a solitary drive).

I don’t remember the music having any words. I think it was just electronic synth, mellow and abstract and immersing and calming, but maybe it was calming cuz i was meditating to it. it put me in a weird introspective mood. it was like mind altering and cool even though i was sober. I really want to find this video, i’ve been looking for months. i cant just ask the friend because they are no longer in touch.

Thank u
sorry i don’t know much about electronic music so im just guessing at the specific genres

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