Animated music video with some flashing light bulbs?

by Hekate

Animated music video.

I made that list out of questions on homepage.
The genre of this song is rock.

I saw it on old polish music station (now dead) rebel:tv, than sometimes i was listening to it on ytb.

It was something about 8 years ago. I think it was made in 2010, or before.

The artist surely is a group.

The video is about a man that is running away from a strange shadow.

There are lyrics but i dont remember them, nor the sound.

Tempo of this song is… I would say it is medium, but it’s a kinda strong ballad with guitars and stuff.

The main charachter is animated, with white skin. Don’t remember too much.

The video is in color but mostly in ground-color like brown, yellow and dark green.

Video is animated.

I saw it in Poland but the song had english lyrics. I don’t know from where the artist is from.

I remember flashing lightbulbs, when the monster came closer.

The entire “world” in that music video was quite creepy and athmospheric. The empty town, fog and stuff like that.

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