Animated Music Video With Teenage Girl Waiting in Carline

by Elle

When I was 11 years old in 2011 I saw this surreal music video at Journeys Shoe Store.

It was all black and white and similar in style to the video game Limbo. The first scene had a teenage girl with a red umbrella waiting in a carline for her mom to pick her up from school. Once she was in her mother tried to brush a strand of hair away from her face to which the girl backed away in angst.

The next scene was of a cartoon man driving a truck I’m pretty sure he had a red hat. Red seemed to be a symbol in the music video. I’ve been trying to look for this video everywhere.

Another music video I saw at the mall was around the same time perhaps a little earlier But it had a little boy, a cockroach (or bee), and a honeycomb. The most vivid clip I remember in this video were insects swimming in the honey and the cockroach or bee staring at the camera. This sequence was all in stop-motion like Fantastic Mr. Fox.

If anyone knows the name of the artists or video please let me know! Thank you!

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